Five Things to Know Before You Go: The Rice Terraces Bali, Indonesia

The rice terraces in Bali are a necessary stop for tourists visiting Bali. Rice is one of the most important foods in Bali due to it’s agricultural value, the unique way of growing and harvesting the rice and that it is used for nearly every dish that is prepared in Bali. There are several options for tourists wanting to visit the terraces. One of the most popular, and the one we visited-Tegallalang, is massive but prior to visiting, we didn’t do as much research as we should have & that caused some difficulties for us! So here are five things you need to know prior to visiting the rice terraces in Bali

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  1.  Good Footwear

We went the day after a huge rainstorm and decided to wear sandals which was a huge mistake. The terraces were completely muddy, and very slippery. After twenty minutes, we were completely covered in mud. Since the terraces are made to hold water, there are large puddles of mud everywhere. Don’t wear your best shoes if you can’t handle the idea of them getting dirty or ruined (I made this mistake and wore my Birkenstocks). Especially since most likely you won’t have access to a washer / dryer at your hotel.


2.  Transportation Plan

We ran into the issue that Ubers and many taxi’s aren’t allowed to wait outside or pick-up outside of the rice terraces. When we got dropped off, we had to walk a ways to find the entrance, and REALLY struggled when we were leaving to be picked up because taxi’s aren’t allowed near the entrance. We ended up just choosing a direction and walking about 2 miles until we were able to finally find a taxi (keep in mind you also usually don’t have access to wifi to call a taxi at this location).

3. Multiple Entrances Exist

We found that there are multiple entrances into the rice terraces. The one we entered didn’t have an entrance fee, and no one was man-ing the entrance. Therefore, we just walked in somewhere near the bottom right of the terraces. The main entrance however, does charge to get in- but the fee is very small.


4. Donations & Fees

When we reached the top of the fields, we noticed a man that charged us a donation to further enter the rice terraces. We donated ten U.S. dollars and found that aside from this man who collected money from us, multiple people were claiming to be collecting fees throughout different areas of the terraces. During the time we spent exploring there- we ran into at least three. Since we had already made a donation, we politely declined.

In addition, anyone working in the rice fields will expect a donation or tip if you take a photo of them, or even have them in your shot at all.

In order to take a photo in front of the famous ” I ❤ Bali” sign that overlooks the terraces- expect another donation and a small line. We chose to opt out of this photo opportunity.


5. Steep, Slippery and Steamy!

The rice terraces are absolutely beautiful, but definitely are not accommodating to those who aren’t ready for a good climb. The steps between one level of the terrace to the next are pretty tall and very steep. We are no means climbers, but at times we were definitely feeling really tired! Especially in all of the heat! Make sure you dress for the weather. The sun combined with the climbing really can wear you down! Most of the terrace is in direct sunlight as well.

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The terraces are a must see. They are one of the most unique and lush green sites that I have ever experienced and they should be at the top of every Bali bucket list!

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