Last Year, Best Year


This semester has already blown by so far, with only six weeks left of Fall semester, with only one semester left- I thought I was due for a little bit of a life update.

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If you didn’t catch it from the intro- September was the beginning of my last year in college. Seems like just yesterday I packed up from South Saint Paul & moved into 17th Ave residence hall. If you’re thinking there is no way it’s been 4 years already, you’re correct- I’ll be graduating in three (thanks IB & Inver).

For those of you who don’t know, the fall is a crazy time for me. My planner has the summer and fall months all color coated before May even hits. This summer after traveling to Bali, i immediately went right back to work. Yes, I’m still at perkins ( I think I’m going on 5 years now, crazy right?) Additionally, I continued another season coaching volleyball at South High school. This year I had a lovely group of girls who really made the season fun, and lighthearted- just how I like it. We just wrapped up our season this week. While I am sad it is over, I will be having a bunch more free time!!!

The end of the summer also brought another season of formal recruitment for Gamma Phi. We spent two weeks prepping & recruiting an awesome bunch of girls. This year was really bitter sweet for me- exciting because I was able to give words of wisdom to new recruiters, become VERY close to my bump group (go gators) & improve other chapter relationships but SO sad realizing each day, each event would be my last. Sad. Gamma Phi has 100 percent been something I think my college career wouldn’t be complete without (thanks BK).

My classes this semester are getting SERIOUS. I am in my second of three practicum experiences. This semester I am working / volunteering in an Autism spectrum disorder classroom two days a week for the duration of the semester. I have been placed in a sixth, seventh and eighth grade classroom which I was very hesitant about because I’m such a sucker for the young-ins; but my kids have been amazing and are all so smart and sweet. This is my first time working with middle school students- I’ve now worked with every age group to high school.

Since I’m packing 4 years worth of work into three, it’s been a bit of a load this semester. Sometimes I think I’m investing myself into too many things.  At the end of this summer, I was feeling very unsure about what I was doing and where I was going in my life in regards to teaching and worrying about what comes next, being financially stable etc. Things I think a lot of college seniors worry about. While its been a struggle, I’m finally starting to get back into my groove. With that being said, I’ve got some exciting things coming up in the future!!

I just started my application for GRAD school; something that once seemed almost unachievable, and was so far away for me is literally right around the corner. In addition, I will be beginning another coaching job! This fall I will be coaching a Club volleyball team during my off season at South. I’m also beginning to save and for Jack and I’s annual summer trip (stay tuned). This summer we are heading back to Europe, Asia AND Africa.

 As midterms are in FULL swing, I hope to continue making the best of my final time here at the U as an undergrad. My goals for this semester are to increase my GPA, spend more time in Gamma Phi to maintain the close friendships I’ve made over the years- and to act as a mentor and role model to those around me. Overall I just hope to be PRESENT.  Too many times I’m so wrapped up in the “future” and my “plan” that I forget to just be in the moment and be HAPPY with where I am at, so here’s to a semester and a half left of living in the NOW.



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  1. maitalouise says:

    Hi you are the best human and I love you. SO proud of you Tay!

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