Graduated & Moving Forward: A Life Update

These past few months have been a crazy ride for me (hence 0 blog posts since JANUARY). This semester was challenging- the most challenging I have ever had.

At the U- I started & finished my LAST semester of college (WHAAAAAT?). I can’t exactly explain how I feel about it- both extremely happy and very sad.

I am EXCITED that I was able to finish my bachelors degree in Elementary Education (if you didn’t know already) in just three years, which was one of my goals upon completing high school.

This program taught me so much about Education. It taught me how to challenge my own experiences and bias, to love my students unconditionally and most importantly how to reach each student at an individual level with both their personal and educational needs. This semester I spent hours and hours on my reading practicum courses learning all about literacy (something I am VERY passionate about) and ways to make sure students are engaged and motivated. I worked with two students from Countryside Elementary in Edina, Minnesota. Over the course of ten weeks, I got to know them, learn strengths and challenges, and watch them grow and progress from lessons I created and executed through our one on one sessions. I was lucky enough to receive a grant to begin expanding my own classroom library for my future classroom. I also got a lot closer to my peers (S/O to Katie, Kel & Maddy for keeping me sane these last three years) and graduated with high distinction.

Finishing my last semester from the U meant becoming an Alum of not only the school, but an alum of Gamma Phi. G-Phi brought me to my truest and closest friends and taught me so much about myself & my worth. I constantly felt encouraged, supported, and was always surrounded by women that wanted to see me shine. Over the last three years, I got a big sister, a little sister, and even a grand little. I raised money to support our philanthropic partner, Girls on the Run & even coached for a season. Anyone reading who is heading to or is in college who isn’t in a sorority definitely needs to consider joining one because I can honestly say it is such a special experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

This semester I also became a research assistant for one of the most amazing professors I have ever had. This upcoming year, we will be doing research around the child, trauma and school experience. More info to come, but I am VERY excited to participate and see where this goes in the future.

As I already stated, this semester I also got accepted into graduate school at the University of Minnesota. I am so excited I not only got to complete my undergrad at this awesome place, but that I have another year left! I will be beginning my program in late August where I will be student teaching, while taking courses and obtaining my licensure. I will be co-teaching in a first grade classroom at Linwood Monroe Elementary school in Saint Paul.

I am so thrilled to be starting the last step prior to starting my own career!

In other news, this semester we BOUGHT A HOUSE! Jack and I moved out of our one bedroom apartment after spending two years there! We purchased a home in Inver Grove Heights. We found parts of the home-buying process to be extremely testing and challenging in the midst of classes, jobs, friends, family, free time etc but thanks to the help of Hannah and Dan found the perfect starter home for us to fix up.

We spent the last three months renovating our little rambler (thanks mom & dad for your help). Future pics of the before and afters in an upcoming post! We are in love with our house and all the changes that we have made to it so far.

Now that school has finished and we finally feel that we have a grip on the house, we are taking a much needed vacation! In just a few short days we will be heading to Athens, Santorini, Paros, Dubrovnik and Cairo on a three week vacation! This will be our first visit to Africa thus marking four out of seven continents visited together (over halfway to our goal!). Afterwards, we will be spending much needed time with family in Florida. We are pumped to just relax after all of the craziness this semester.

Moving forward.. Grad school, continued home improvement, vacation & more! Cheers to MOVING FORWARD.

Graduation Photo_


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